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CCN Community appreciation day

Discussion in 'Network News' started by lenis0012, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. lenis0012

    lenis0012 Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    Hey everybody,
    I recently came across some amazing fan-made video on the forums.
    I wanted to put some extra attention to it as we at CCN highly appreciate community contributions like this.

    Check it out.

    Edit: Next time tho, add a lenny in ;)
  2. Budderr

    Budderr Dank PP master Staff Member Moderator

    Hi lenis Ily
  3. Hedgey

    Hedgey Well-Known Member

    AYYY :D Thanks for noticing Lenis :) It was hard to make xD but defo worth it proper one coming very soon
  4. frostypenguin66

    frostypenguin66 Well-Known Member

    whoop whoooopp :D
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  5. Skittlezzz_

    Skittlezzz_ CCN & CCP Mod Staff Member Moderator

    Thanks Lenny <3
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  6. WhippetBoy22__

    WhippetBoy22__ Hardcore Member

    this is awesome ty the all my friends for being my friends
  7. LeapNLeopard

    LeapNLeopard Hardcore Member

  8. WhippetBoy22__

    WhippetBoy22__ Hardcore Member

    this is the reason i love the commity
    things like this
    or this mintyboy22_
    and i have been on other forums and they aren't like here they are so different its sad you get in trouble for old thread reviving and the guy who did that every day got crew. if you reported some the mods would take like 3 months the get back to you. this sever is amazing the community is amazing i love you guys so much and just thank you

    I got a little teary writing that
  9. fizzyprominer

    fizzyprominer Well-Known Member

    Ikr CCN an CCP is the best not only has it got amazing staff but the community is the best i would be so bored without you guys and i woudl like to say thx for helping me threw hard times or coming up for ideas for my next CCP lab xD or just talking with me evan though u know you started hour long conversation with me cause i talk way.. to much xD :D:p:)
  10. WhippetBoy22__

    WhippetBoy22__ Hardcore Member

    and we can't leave out the 4 star chat room XD
  11. Skittlezzz_

    Skittlezzz_ CCN & CCP Mod Staff Member Moderator

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  12. TripleD17

    TripleD17 Well-Known Member

    Oi Oi Oi Regretful is sure making a name for himself! Great job everyone, keep up the great work!
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  13. Rowanasaur

    Rowanasaur Well-Known Member

    Can't wait for ccp2 to come out! Hope it comes out before christmas! ;)
  14. IceDemon_

    IceDemon_ Hardcore Member

  15. FiberrrFX

    FiberrrFX Hardcore Member

    gud work gois
  16. HeyItzPepsi

    HeyItzPepsi Well-Known Member

    "This video is amazing Loving the Text Msgs on the top :D
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  17. JustcallmeBiraj

    JustcallmeBiraj Hardcore Member

    Amazing video
  18. HeyItzPepsi

    HeyItzPepsi Well-Known Member

    Love the video, :) I like to say well done :p

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