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CCP2 - The ranks

Discussion in 'Pixelmon News' started by lenis0012, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. lenis0012

    lenis0012 Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    Hey everyone,
    Today is the day that we have published the new ranks for the Pixelmon2 server.
    We are starting off with one rank, that can be purchased using 3 different payment methods.

    • Access to the server when it's FULL.
    • Special in-game green prefix!
    • Open your PC anywhere, using /PC
    • Get 2 homes instead of 1
    • Get 40x40 extra claim blocks
    • Get an extra box in your PC.

    You can purchase the rank in the following forms:
    • Monthly subscription
    • Quarterly subscription/payment (pay per 3 months)
    • Lifetime payment (pay once, keep for the lifetime of the server)
    Unlike CCP1, in CCP2, you will be able to upgrade from one lifetime rank to another.
    That is, when we add a second VIP rank.
    More features are sure to come, but don't you want to be one of the first to try it out?
    Grab it NOW! =)

    But what about our ranks on CCP1?
    Because of two reasons, we can't give you the same ranks that you had on CCP1.
    • CCP2 features new ranks, the old ones don't exist.
    • It's not possible to keep the server alive this
    BUT, we are not letting our best supporters join empty-handed.
    Lifetime VIP member will be given:
    • VIP for one month
    • A starter kit
    Ultra's will be given:
    • VIP for two months
    • A starter kit
    • A shiny generation 6 starter pokemon (Froakie, Chespin or Fennekin)

    This is all we can offer, we hope you understand we are trying our best to please as many people as possible.
    You'll find that when you start playing tho, that having a shiny starter and a boost kit, is more useful than you may have first thought, so just give it a try ;)

    We would like to thank all of you for the support and encouragement over the past few weeks.
    You guys are simply amazing, and you ask, we deliver =)

    See you on the server tomorrow.
    Feel free to discuss these changes in this thread, but please keep it there.
  2. LilKiddoPanda

    LilKiddoPanda Well-Known Member

    what is contained in the starter kit ?
  3. Azutox

    Azutox Hardcore Member

    Lenis,Thank you. I don't mind not having lifetime,Plus a shiny starter? That's awesome. I'm hyped for CCP 2 and I can't wait to meet you all on the server. Thank you.
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  4. DaWeirdDragon_

    DaWeirdDragon_ Hardcore Member

    oOOooOOoo sounds fun, probably wont be buying it tho ;)
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  5. LeapNLeopard

    LeapNLeopard Hardcore Member

  6. IceDemon_

    IceDemon_ Hardcore Member

    As longs as CCP2 is fun im fine xD
  7. WhippetBoy22__

    WhippetBoy22__ Hardcore Member

    You didn't have a rank so...
  8. IceDemon_

    IceDemon_ Hardcore Member

    if i did i stilll wouldnt care tbf
  9. Level_Devil

    Level_Devil Hardcore Member

    You could've at least given us permanent two homes :/
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  10. Level_Devil

    Level_Devil Hardcore Member

    Question, will pixel1 players get any perks for sticking with the server?
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  11. cantdrive55

    cantdrive55 Well-Known Member

    Nice to see my 100$+ rank has been turned into a 10$ rank that's only for a month.
  12. Level_Devil

    Level_Devil Hardcore Member

    Amen brother. Could've at least given us ten months of VIP (equal to ten dollars per month).
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  13. cantdrive55

    cantdrive55 Well-Known Member

    We bought it because it was "lifetime". Not 1 month
  14. PonchoArtichoke

    PonchoArtichoke Hardcore Member

    Sorry if this has ever been said but is ccp1 still going to be up when ccp2 comes out
  15. WhippetBoy22__

    WhippetBoy22__ Hardcore Member

    No ccp1 is dead (I mean they cant open it)
  16. Azutox

    Azutox Hardcore Member

    Hyped for ccp 2 :)
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  17. jasonm78

    jasonm78 Well-Known Member

    Wow I bought Ultra (175$) and its going to waste for a 10$ rank for only a month! I am a late Ultra and I never got any commands cause they all crashed when I got it =(
    Level_Devil likes this.
  18. bics

    bics Hardcore Member

    My lifetime ;-; what the heck
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  19. jasonm78

    jasonm78 Well-Known Member

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  20. jasonm78

    jasonm78 Well-Known Member

    Bics we both were Ultras :(
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