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New website performance

Discussion in 'Network News' started by lenis0012, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. lenis0012

    lenis0012 Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    Hello again.
    Some of you asked me just how much faster the new website is.
    I did some test and got results of an 80% boost in load time.
    Keep in mind that this boost is even bigger for people in Europe

    Load time:


    Requests (lower = better):

    Size (lower = better):

    And here is a video comparison:
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2016
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  2. Pikachu_Pika_

    Pikachu_Pika_ Hardcore Member

    I didn't know you guys did a performance boost, but now that I think about it the website has been running a lot faster.
  3. IceDemon_

    IceDemon_ Hardcore Member

    Thx for all the work!
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  4. Candor

    Candor Crew :D Staff Member Moderator

  5. FiberrrFX

    FiberrrFX Hardcore Member

    i haven't noticed how much better the performance has been. but when i think about it, response time has been much better <3
  6. ThatGuyMason

    ThatGuyMason New Member

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