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Santa Clause is coming to CCN

Discussion in 'Network News' started by lenis0012, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. lenis0012

    lenis0012 Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    Hey everyone,
    It's that time of the year again, to spend time with your family and enjoy the happy time of Christmas and it's presents and trees, and of course, play on CCN.
    It's been very cold recently, so i have no doubt this will be a wonderful, and perhaps snowy Christmas.

    This makes Santa very happy, so he has been very generous this year.
    For the entirety of December, CCN will feature a brand new exclusive hub and hunger games map.
    AND, on top of that, there is a 50% holiday sale!

    So, I'd like to introduce you to:
    North Pole

    Last edited: Dec 2, 2016
  2. IceDemon_

    IceDemon_ Hardcore Member

    It was nice playing in the new map ! :D and the hub looked amazing!
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  3. IceDemon_

    IceDemon_ Hardcore Member

    I was one of the 1st people to play in the map when it came out today :D
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  4. WhippetBoy22__

    WhippetBoy22__ Hardcore Member

    I was too
  5. MCPenguinn

    MCPenguinn Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Merry Christmas! HYPE
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  6. Nudgie

    Nudgie Well-Known Member

    Hype, can't wait! <3
  7. Skittlezzz_

    Skittlezzz_ CCN & CCP Mod Staff Member Moderator

    Thank you so much lenis! You've been working so hard recently <333
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  8. Azutox

    Azutox Hardcore Member

    I'll come on to check out new map :) See ya guys soon!
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  9. FiberrrFX

    FiberrrFX Hardcore Member

    isn't the "north pole" the merry pole hg map from last year? lol anyway merry christmas
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  10. lenis0012

    lenis0012 Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    last year was a different map
  11. IceDemon_

    IceDemon_ Hardcore Member

    It wqs? o_O
  12. ItsAlicia

    ItsAlicia New Member

    Merry Christmas! I thought this map was the same as last year or before that?
  13. PikachuPlayzMC

    PikachuPlayzMC New Member

    Merry xmas to all!!
  14. cait

    cait Well-Known Member

    This should be Awesome I Will check out everything tomorrow ! Merry christmas! To the Entirety Of CCN People & its Crew members! <3
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  15. vicky35

    vicky35 Well-Known Member

  16. vicky35

    vicky35 Well-Known Member

    Yay *^.^*
  17. JustcallmeBiraj

    JustcallmeBiraj Hardcore Member

    I want Santa to teach how to grow a beard like his :)

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