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Welcome to The Forums Choo.

Discussion in 'Network News' started by ChooChoosGAMING, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. ChooChoosGAMING

    ChooChoosGAMING Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Owner

    Chibbidy Choo Choo here.

    I have been very inactive on the forums as most of you know.I have been waiting for the NEW CCP!
    The new server will be a entirely new server.New Ranks,New Map,New Perks,New everything.
    I am very excited and so should you be!

    I wanted to make this post to thank everyone on the Team for putting the work in and making this a reality!
    Good things take time and hopefully we can form another amazing community on this server like many of ours before it.

    One thing I ask from all members old and new is to use this new year to put any disagreements behind you and start fresh as this is my new years resolution for myself and any community I get to call home.Lets make 2017 something special!

    So if you have any questions regarding the new server or any of our servers put them below.
  2. WhippetBoy22__

    WhippetBoy22__ Hardcore Member

    WB choo nice to see you on here
  3. GraniteGrinder

    GraniteGrinder Hardcore Member

    Pixel1 was amazing, hopefully Pixel2 will be even better!
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  4. bics

    bics Hardcore Member

    Can't wait for the comps... Champion bics shall return with full power!
  5. #Blamelenis

    #Blamelenis Well-Known Member

    Hi choo big fan I love your view points :D
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  6. Ahmeduk_

    Ahmeduk_ Hardcore Member

    Wb choo :D
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  7. Crazy_Cucumber

    Crazy_Cucumber Well-Known Member

    R We Loosing ranks?
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  8. Azutox

    Azutox Hardcore Member

    I'm hyped for ccp 2,But question,What are the new ranks??!
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  9. MCPenguinn

    MCPenguinn Moderator Staff Member Moderator

  10. minion_crazy1

    minion_crazy1 Well-Known Member

    So hyped :D
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  11. Habib_SSJ2

    Habib_SSJ2 Well-Known Member

    wooo :D
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  12. WhippetBoy22__

    WhippetBoy22__ Hardcore Member

    Not on the new server
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  13. ItzFoxy

    ItzFoxy Well-Known Member

    Glad Your Back! :D
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  14. EmtronVenger

    EmtronVenger Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

  15. IceDemon_

    IceDemon_ Hardcore Member

    Thank you for everything you have done for us :) and welcome back!
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  16. LeapNLeopard

    LeapNLeopard Hardcore Member

    Yes choo! Welcome back to the forums choo! We have missed you a lot and glad you have returned :) <3
  17. Ahmeduk_

    Ahmeduk_ Hardcore Member

  18. ChooChoosGAMING

    ChooChoosGAMING Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator Owner

    What kind of teams?
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  19. IceDemon_

    IceDemon_ Hardcore Member

    like sharing stuff and living in a house together, doing jobs for people to get money etc
  20. Ahmeduk_

    Ahmeduk_ Hardcore Member

    they got banned on ccp1

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